Odyssey Expeditions Payment Plan Calculator

We have payment plans with the following terms:

Sign up with a $1000 deposit to reserve your berth. (Deposit is fully refundible through Feb 1st minus bank charges, and becomes non-refundible after this date) One half of the remaining balance must be paid before the voyage start, in monthly installments due on the first of each month. The remaining half is paid in monthly installments due on the first of each month to reach a zero balance on a final payment occuring Dec 31st, 2024 Additional charges include PADI SCUBA Training books $150.00 and a payment plan service charge of $150.00.

Please choose your voyage
Discovery & Divemaster 1, Begins 6-7
Discovery & Divemaster 4, Begins 8-2
Adventure - SEA Voyage 2, Begins 6-21
Adventure - SEA Voyage 3, Begins 7-12

Suggested Payment Terms for SEA3 voyage
Tuition $ 7,150.00
PADI SCUBA training books $ 150.00
Payment Pan Service Charge $ 150.00
Total $ 7,450.00
Initial deposit to sign aboard and reserve berth today $ 4,225.00 $ 3,225.00 to be paid in monthly installments after your voyage start and through the end of the year.
   $ 3,225.00 paid through 6 monthly payments of $ 537.50 each, starting on 8-1-2024 with payments due on the first of each month plus a final payment due on Dec 31st of 2024

If you choose to use this payment plan, you will need to email [email protected] to draw up a written contract to be signed. Signed and executed contract plus signed, post-dated checks for each monthy payment occuring after 10 days of deposit need to be recieved by 10 days after deposit or berth reservation will be cancelled without refund of any fees paid. If less than half the outstanding balance plus deposit and the signed, post-dated checks are not recieved by the beginning of the voyage the participant will not be allowed to board. All payments made and recieved after 2024-3-1 are non-refundible. If any check is returned for NSF an additional charge of $100 will be applied. If any check is returned for NSF for a payment occuring after the voyage begins, the balance will become due immediately and will be processed via a signed credit card authorization for 110% of the remaining balance.