If you have any question concerning the forms, please do not hesitate contacting our office.

Welcome Aboard Packet

To assist you in completing the packet of releases, we have compiled them into an Adobe PDF Form.

Download the file (1.5mb) and it will open in the Adobe PDF Reader. You can complete the form and print a full set of releases to be mailed back to our office before your voyage.









Pack Your Seabag (clothing list):

This is a list of items that you will need to have for the voyage.

Medical Statement Form:

(6 pages). Please review the questions on the first page.


If you answer "NO" to all questions, you do not need to have a physician's clearance.  Please send a signed form to us with your releases.


If you answer "YES" to any question, you will need to be cleared for Scuba diving by a physician.
If you need a physician's clearance, please call our office within ten days.
A 30-day grace period for a physician evaluation will be granted.
Deposits are nonrefundable after this period.
Send this "cleared" medical form to us with your releases. This form is good for one year; however, if you have health changes between now and the voyage date, you need to obtain another clearance. Use a second form for this and bring it with you to your voyage.

Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding:

This statement informs you of the established safe diving practices for skin and scuba diving.

Liability Release And Express Assumption of Risk:

Need 3 Copies This is the release that is used for the Open Water Course and Rescue Course.

Liability Release and Assumption of Risk - Advanced O/W and Correlating Specialty Diver Programs:

This is a release for the Advanced Open Water course and Specialty Diver Courses that you will be taking.

Liability Release and Assumption of Risk for Supervision of Certified Divers:

This is a release for the general and marine science dives you will do after you are certified.

Boat Travel and Scuba Diving Voluntary Release, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk:

This is general release for diving off of the yachts and tenders.

Equipment Rental Release:

It is not necessary to fill in what gear you will need.  We have everything except for booties and optional wetsuit. Please fill in the rest of the form.  If you have your own dive gear, you are welcome to bring it; please indicate on the form if you plan on bringing your own gear. This helps us to ensure that we have a sufficient amount of gear on hand.


Our Highest Recomended Travel, Emergency Medical, and Diving Insurance This link will take you to the A Plus Plans Insurance registration website. This is for Diving Insurance and Trip Insurance.

DiveAssure Insurance Form:


This link will take you to the DiveAssure Insurance registration website. Dive Assure insurance is for diving medical and Trip Insurance. They do not cover you for diving in the USA.

Canadian and all International students should use the following link:
International (non US) DiveAssure Insurance registration.

A short video about dive insurance:

DAN Insurance Form:


This link will take you to the Divers Alert Network Insurance registration website

Divers Alert Network World for outside the USA and our partner referral number is 2784328

DAN also offers a very comprehensive Trip Insurance with a cancel at any time component.

Open Water Diver Course Record and Referral Form:

This form is for students who are obtaining their open water classroom and pool work at another facility and need to do their open water check out dives with us.  This form is to be filled out by their instructor and brought down with the student to our program.




Forms For Our Students

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