Join an Odyssey Expeditions Voyage this Summer!

Apply online or download the application as a pdf and apply by mail

How to Sign Aboard For A Voyage of Discovery!

First: Select the program and date for which you wish to participate and call Odyssey Expeditions at (800)929-7749.  We will discuss your program options with you and confirm berth availability for the program and date selected.  Place your $1000 voyage reservation deposit by phone via credit card, online via credit card or by mail via check or credit card.  Availability is on a first come basis and we maintain a waiting list.  Berths are only held with receipt of deposit. 

Second:Fill out your secure < Online Application > and place your berth deposit by credit card online

Third:  Upon receipt of your application Odyssey Expeditions will confirm your reservation and answer any remaining questions you may have.  We will then send you a registration packet containing further voyage information (Clothing list, travel details), medical forms, diver training releases and a student code of conduct agreement.  Tuition balance is due 21 days after making trip reservation deposit or June 1st, whichever comes first (due at the time of booking if June 1st or later).

Fourth:  Make your travel arrangements.  Call the Moorings Travel Desk at 800-535-7289 or 727-535-1446.   Plan to arrive in the afternoon on the start date and depart early in the morning on the end date. 

Terms and Agreements

The following terms and procedures will be applied in order to allow sufficient time to meet the unique charter requirements of offering and joining an expeditions.

Enrollments are continuous until all berths are filled.  Published tuition prices reflect a 3% cash/check discount, if you need to pay with Visa or Mastercard the cash discount will not apply.  If you do not pay the remaining balance on time your berth will be subject to forfeiture to another applicant.  Payments are non-refundable and no tuition refunds shall be made in the event of your cancellation, non-arrival, or dismissal for any reason. Returned checks or credit card chargebacks will result in loss of any discounts applied. 

All participants are required to carry dive accident insurance, such as that offered by the Divers Alert Network.

Tuition covers all program expenses including: educational programs in biology, PADI scuba training and certifications, use of scuba and program equipment, watersports, food and berth aboard the yacht, diving, and scheduled shore excursions.  Airfare, optional meals ashore, personal purchases, phone calls, medical expenses, and personal student manuals, and snacks are not included. 

Student Understanding

Odyssey Expeditions programs are a multi-faceted educational experience with emphasis on sailing, scuba diving, and marine science as well as teamwork and leadership development.  You should expect to be part of the crew upon arrival, and fully participate in all aspects of running your yacht, ready to share in the work of dive preparation, science activities, sailing, cleaning, and meal preparation.  Crew rotate onboard job positions daily, contributing positively to the group experience.  Evenings are largely devoted to program activities aboard.

The yachts are 'Dry' and 'Zero-Tolerance' is strictly enforced.  You are required to maintain an atmosphere of respect with your other participants and staff and to keep your living environment healthy and enjoyable for all.  It is expressly forbidden for participants to use or possess tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or non-prescription drugs.  Those who violate these rules on conduct, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or those that remain in the company of anyone violating the rules may be immediately dismissed from the program.

The program tone is that of non-competitive group support.  Programs are geared for both teens and college students.  Yacht and berth assignments are based on age.  We have multiple yachts on each voyage and group students such that each yacht has a tight age range.  Three to four students of the same-sex are assigned to each cabin, and sleeping accommodations include weatherproof hammocks and sleeping bags for sleeping on deck.
Please note that active exercise-induced asthma is a contra-indication to participation in scuba diving activities.